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The Amazoncam gives you a daily dose of the animal kingdom – straight from the jungle. Here´s what our users are saying:


"This is possibly my favourite picture I've come across - it really makes me laugh!
#selfie #monkey

Looks like the jaguar at the back is taking guard duty for the one in front in pictures 2&3.

 First time I have seen two night monkeys together.

 “Baby's tail twisted around its mother's tail! Wonderful.” 

 “It’s a #woolly opossum - the base of the tail is thick and furry.

 Perhaps a tayra - going by the foot.

 Wonderful piece of #trumpeter dancing!

 We've been told that these are #tailless rats. Apparently they had tails but they lose them. Weird!

 Fierce harpies eat monkeys, sloths, birds; not green!

 Great picture of giant anteater with I believe two young on its back.

 “A lizard getting chased by a coati.

 The chick was so sleepy and those pesky butterflies wouldn't leave him alone!


With the Amazoncam You get: 

  • Access to a network of 78 automatic cameras laid out in a grid of twenty square kilometer deep in the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Travel credits towards FREE ROOM AND BOARD to Tambopata Research Center (where the camera grid ends). For every photo you id, you get one travel credit. 
  • One free photographic guide to the mammals of the Amazon and 3 identification plates to birds, macaws and butterflies. A grand total of 172 animal species to pore over. 

So scroll down and sign up. No excuses – heres why:

I don’t have time. Heres the thing, Im pretty sure you have the time. If youre binging on Netflix or reality shows just change your Netflix for the Amazoncam. You will get your daily dose of Animalia, earn travel credits towards a Free Room and Board to the Amazon AND make science happen.
I don’t have money. You don’t need money! That’s the whole point – you have the chance to earn your way to the Amazon.
I don’t have the skills or expertise. Are you kidding? This is a citizen science project – designed for nature lovers. You just need to pay attention. The first few pictures will be challenging and you may need to ask questions to our large user community. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.   
I don’t have the need. There are two types of people in the world. Those with the need to see wild macaws, spider monkeys, and iridescent dung beetles, and those who couldn’t care less. If you belong to the first group (like we do)– what are you waiting for? This offer will not run forever, so sign up now!
What is the deal? This is too good to be true. Here´s the deal: our team of scientists needs help identifying all those pics (more than 200000 images since 2016!). So we offered to pitch in a little incentive to get our nature lover community to help them. You get one travel credit for every photo you identify. You cash in on the travel credits with our bargains. The current travel credit bargain runs through 2018. You can earn up to 6 nights of Room and Board at Tambopata Research Center in exchange for travel credits. Specific instructions come with your confirmation email.

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