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Our AmazonCam camera traps
captured amazing photos of the elusive
short-eared dog in Tambopata, Peru!

Even more exciting: the shots contain a mother with a couple of pups, and we want to learn more! 

The remote camera traps are part of our Wired Amazon project called AmazonCam Tambopata. Since 2016, the AmazonCam team has placed 150 terrestrial and arboreal remote cameras in 300 Km2 (we’re calling this area ‘The Big Grid’). You can help researchers sort thousands of images by visiting www.Zooniverse.org 

Our traps have captured jaguars, tapirs, macaws – but this is the first time we’ve captured short-eared dog with pups.  This species is very elusive and difficult to see in the wild, with this project we are aiming to get new data on their natural history, behavior and distribution.

The IUCN lists the short-eared dogs (Atelocynus microtis) as ‘near threatened.’   

This particular camera is very nearby our Refugio Amazonas lodge.

Our team is planning more outings to collect the images taken during these past weeks. 

short-eard bushdog in tambopata

Short-eared dog looks like a fox because

of its pointed muzzle and bushy tail

short-eard bushdog

Camera traps have allowed to learn more

about this elusive species