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At Rainforest Expeditions MARCH is Science Season

About Science Season

At Rainforest Expeditions, we are committed to supporting research and furthering the understanding of the Amazon. We strive to connect our guests with the important scientific work being done in the rainforest. That’s why we created Wired Amazon, a collection of citizen science projects that allow the public to participate in the research being done around our lodges. Some of the projects live online (like Aerobotany) and some are available at our lodge (like Discover a New Species). They all have one thing in common: giving our guests a genuine opportunity to participate in scientific research.  In March, this effort goes into overdrive. Throughout the month, our lodges are packed with botanists, zoologists, entomologists, veterinarians - a diversity of biologists doing exciting field research. Year after year, they make new discoveries that increase our knowledge and understanding of the Amazon rainforest - but there is still MUCH to be discovered and understood.
So, we invite you to join us during this very special season!

Redeem Your Travel Credits

Wired Amazon members can redeem their Travel Credits during March – up to $300 per person! If you haven’t already registered, learn more about our live project, AmazonCam Tambopata, and how you can start earning your Travel Credits today.


Learn more bout AmazonCam Tambopata 

Why Visit Us During Science Season?

If you'd like a close up look at cutting-edge scientific research in the Amazon rainforest, this is the best time to visit us in Tambopata, Peru because you'll have the opportunity to interact closely with some of the world's leading tropical biologists. During March, we bring all our principal scientists down to our lodges, where they will continue to work on their own research in Tambopata as well as lead nature hikes, present their findings, chat at the bar and - best of all - allow you to join them for fieldwork. Here are just a few examples:

  • Help to collect drone footage of the rainforest canopy to monitor flowering and fruiting activity of giant Brazil nut trees
  • Set your own camera traps to capture images of elusive rainforest animals
  • Discover insect species new to science, and help Barcode Tambopata further the mission of the International Barcode of Life project
  • Visit a spectacular clay lick and help to observe and document macaw behavior
Plus: offset your trip's cost by joining one of our online Wired Amazon projects, and earning Travel Credits (up to $300 per person!) 

An opportunity to make unique your amazon rainforest expedition. All regular activities are also available – kayak, hike, bike whenever you like.

Meet our research team

Dr. Varun Swamy
Dr. Mark Bowler
Mg. Sc. Juan Grados


Daniel Couceiro
Wired Amazon Director


Meet our whole Research Team

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