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Wired Amazon
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    Barcoding in Tambopata - A Wired Amazon Project
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    Find out every time we discover a new species

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    On average, we discover one new species a month!

    Added bonus: you discover it, you name it !

About Barcoding in Tambopata

Did you know that most of the world species are still undiscovered? In fact, scientists estimate that there are still five million living organisms that we have yet to identify!  The best thing: most of them are in the Amazon, Tambopata included!

The International Barcode of Life project is building a DNA barcode library, the foundation of a future DNA-based identification system for every living organism on Earth. Their goal is to create a 'bio-literate world,' where we have the ability to identify any animal or any plant, in a matter of minutes. At Tambopata, we are contributing by cataloging some of the rarest species of insects. 

That means that our when our guests go out on collection walks with scientists, trap different insects and then analyze their appearance, their life stage, their sex, sexual reproduction and other characteristics and we submit these to the IBoL. On average, we discover one new species a month through this work. 

Guests at Refugio Amazonas Lodge are invited to participate in this Wired Amazon project during their stay by working with our researchers to trap insects from five different groups and analyzing the findings. If a guest does discover a new species, they get to name it too!  

Join us and support the building of a bio-literate world! 

On average, we discover one new species a month!

Added bonus: you discover it, you name it !

The photographs below are species discovered through our Wired Amazon project. Some were discovered by our guests and some by our staff. Click on ‘Get Information’ to learn more in detail about the insect.

- Species Description In Progress -

Baritus eleutheroides (Rothschild)
New species for science discover at Refugio Amazonas Lodge
Baritius sp. nov.
Discovered by: Adam Julian
New Species Discovered 




Baritus cyclozonata (Hampson)
Paranerita grandis (Rosthschild)
Paranerita maculata new for science
Paranerita maculata ssp. nov.
Discovered by: Dileep Sandeep
New Species Discovered
Paranerita polyxenoides (Rothschild)
Evius albicoxae (Schaus)
Evius new specie discovered in Tambopata
Evius ocassus (Grados 2017)
Discovered by: De Loia Family
New Species Discovered
Evius hippia (Stoll)
Aphyle margaritaceus (Walker)
Aphyle new species discovered
Aphyle sp. nov.
Discovered by: Niemand Family
New Species Discovered
Aphyle onorei (Toulgoet)
Trichromia coccinea (Schaus)
Trichromia complicata  ssp. nov.
Discovered by: Michael Galizio
New Species Discovered
Trichromia macrostidza (Hampson)

Find out every time we discover a new species.

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