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About AmazonCam Tambopata

Over 100 remote cameras monitor the forests between Refugio Amazonas and the Tambopata Research Center.


Never before has such a large and pristine area of Amazonian forest been studied for so long, and uniquely, our project monitors the canopy where half of all rainforest animals reside, as well as the forest floor. We climb hundreds of trees and walk hundreds of kilometers each year to pick up tens of thousands of photos and videos from these cameras. We can use these images look at wildlife distributions and population trends for large mammals like jaguar, tapir, spider monkeys and peccaries, but there are too many for us to go through, so we rely on a large team of citizen scientists to view them on-line and identify the animals for us. Often these volunteers are the first to see images of rare wildlife from the Amazon Basin, and we reward our volunteers with Travel Credits, which they can redeem for a stay at one of our lodges during Science Season.  During Science Season, guests can deploy camera traps and work alongside our biologists. AmazonCam Tambopata is overseen by Dr Mark Bowler from the San Diego Zoo.

AmazonCam is hosted on The Zooniverse

The world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research


Your task as an citizen scientist is to examine images from the camera traps that we’ve uploaded to The Zooniverse and record observations of:


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Dr. Mark Bowler offers travel credits  (1 image = $1) in exchange for your help to be spent at our rainforest lodges during Science Season. Best of all – he will be around when you visit and will look forward to guiding your up-close exploration of the Amazon rainforest!

Join our research team along with thousands of online citizen scientists and start earning your rainforest Travel Credits today!
AmazonCam Tambopata is hosted on Zooniverse (the leading citizen science platform). You’ll need a Zooniverse username for us to track your travel credits
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The International Barcode of Life project is building a DNA barcode library, the foundation of a future DNA-based identification system for every living organism on Earth. At Tambopata, we are contributing by cataloging some the rarest species of insects. Our scientists are discovering on average, one new species per month. We invite our guests to help us make science happen!


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Aerobotany is where centuries-old classic field biology and 21st century cutting edge technology come together, in the middle of the spectacularly diverse and underexplored Amazon rainforest. Aerobotany is the brain child of Dr. Varun Swamy, an ecologist who’s been doing long-term research in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest since 2003.