You’ll often find researchers at our lodges

working on new cutting edge research in Tambopata to help deepen our understanding of the jungle.

If you are interested in including some science related activities in your amazon rainforest expedition – don’t hesitate to contact us. There are several ways we can incorporate science into your itinerary:

Wired Amazon

Discover our citizen science program, Wired Amazon. In our A La Carte Program (available at Refugio Amazonas), there is the option to include a variety of Wired Amazon activities which includes a variety of activities including ‘Discover a New Species,’ ‘Aerobotany,’ and ‘AmazonCam’ – where you can set up your own camera trap!

Wired Amazon activities are great if you are interested in getting an introduction to the scientific research being done in Tambopata and activities are available year round.

Expert Tour Leaders

Do you have a special area of interest? We can create a special itinerary and provide an expert in that field to lead your group. Most of our expert tour leaders have their PHDs or are working towards them.  Examples of topics that we have created itineraries around in the past are:
  • Butterflys
  • Harpy Eagle Behavior

Itineraries lead by Expert Tour Leader are available year round. Just let your Rainforest Specialist know in advance.

Sign up for Science Season Bootcamp

During March, we’ve got two weeks of Science Bootcamp specially designed for anyone looking for a hands-on field experience in the Amazon. The bootcamp is great for anyone looking for an alternative spring break and an experience that will last a life time. 

Science Bootcamps are only available during Science Season (March).

This year we will offer two fixed departures to Refugio Amazonas Lodge :

  1. First departure: Leaving from Puerto Maldonado on March 12th to March 17th, 2018
  2. Second departure: Leaving from Puerto Maldonado on March 26th to March 31st, 2018

Learn more about Science Season Bootcamp

Take advantage of your spring break and visit the amazon jungle of Tambopata in this unique and incredible adventure!